White Planters

White Planters

White Planters:
No Other Planter Comes Close

whiteplanterwhite-planter-9000planter-backYield is money and accuracy affects your yields. That’s why our planters are built with specific technologies at the crucial points in the planter’s operation to allow seed to move efficiently and uninterrupted from hopper to trench—right where you want it.

White Planter, the industry-leading row-crop planter line from AGCO.  With an enhanced seed meter design and a new cast-design row unit. White Planters deliver precise seed placement and machine longevity.  Available with a full range of options and attachments, then new planters may be configured to fit any production system, from conventional to no-till and to plant crops, ranging from corn, soybeans and sunflowers to sorghum, sugar beets or peanuts,

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