Massey Ferguson 7700 Series

The Massey Ferguson® 7700 Series is designed to deliver whatever your farm demands. PTO horsepower ranging from 145 to 200. It features Tier 4 Final AGCO power, 6-cylinder, 6.6 – 7.4L engine. The 7700 series tractors can be outfitted with just the right format to fit your farm. Choose from our Dyna-4 or Dyna-6 powershifts or our highly popular Dyna-VT. Also featuring Dynamic Tractor Management (DTM) allows the engine and transmission to ‘communicate’ for maximum efficiency at any given ground speed. These systems work together to increase efficiency and minimize downtime.

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Large Frame Specifications

7719170145Dyna-6 (24×24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)Dyna-6=13,500 or Dyna-VT=16,70015430
7720185155Dyna-6 (24×24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)Dyna-6=13,500 or Dyna-VT=16,70015430
7722200165Dyna-6 (24×24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)Dyna-6=13,500 or Dyna-VT=16,70016535
7724220180Dyna-6 (24×24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)Dyna-6=13,500 or Dyna-VT=16,70016535
7726240200Dyna-6 (24×24) or Dyna-VT (CVT)Dyna-6=13,500 or Dyna-VT=16,70016535


Small Frame Specifications

7715140120Dyna-4, Dyna- 6 or Dyna-VTDyna-4 & Dyna-6=8,900 or Dyna-VT=15,500
7716150125Dyna-6 or Dyna-VTDyna-6=8,900 or Dyna-VT=15,500
7718165135Dyna-6 or Dyna-VTDyna-6=8,900 or Dyna-VT=15,500