Kello-Bilt Model 225 Single Offset Disc

KelloBilt-225Choose from two exclusive bearing systems: tapered roller bearings in large cast housings sealed using either double lipped grease seals, or Duo-Cone® oil seals.


  • Oil-Bath bearing system, tapered roller bearings sealed with Duo-Cone ® seals. Click here to read more about the Oil-Bath Bearing.
  • Ideal for smaller horsepower tractors
  • Work down heavy straw and cornstalks,hayfields and pastures
  • Welded, reinforced bearing standards resist rock damage
  • Rugged, no gimmick design for long life and easy operation

Oil-Bath Bearing:

The key to any disc is the gang bearings. The Kello-Bilt Oil-Beth Bearing is one reason why our disc will be still be operating in the field when others are being repaired, rebuilt or retired.

Tapered Roller Bearings:

Back to back tapered roller bearings operating in 90W gear oil. Tapered roller bearings are designed specifically for thrust applications, unlike ball bearings designed primarily for radial applications.

KelloBilt-bearingInterior Axle:

Bearings and seals are mounted on the ‘interior axle’. The gang shaft slides through the iterior asle and, therefore, neither the bearings nor seals are in direct contact with the shaft. The half spools (red) are pressed onto either end of the interior axle. The half spools ‘bottom out’ against the ends of the interior axle, which then carries the load when the gang is tightened. Bearing pre-load is set through the use of gaskets between the cap (green) and housing (blue).

Duo-Cone® Seals:

Hardened, alloy metal rings precisely lapped to seal perfectly. Synthetic rubber O-rings position the sealing rings, exerting uniform pressure for the life of the seal. Positive sealing contact is maintained regardless of shaft deflection, end play or vibration. Metal faces continually develop new sealing surfaces.