Modern soil preparation demands effective and reliable machines with high-capacities. It is important - more than ever - that the machines are working without problems in the busy days in the peak season. With one of the widest product programmes within soil preparation machines and front-linkages, HE-VA offers professional machines for the workload on all farms. HE-VA’s product range is developed continuously in a constructive dialogue with the agricultural sector and the dealers in several countries, ensuring that consistently the machines are in relation to the actual needs and growing methods in the agricultural sector and at agricultural contractors.

HE-VA Disc-Roller is compact and is simplicity itself to operate, and the Disc-Roller is available in working widths of 2.5 m, 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m and 5 m (mounted) and in working widths of 3 m to 8 m (trailed). Working speeds of up to 16 km/h ensure high capacity and a perfect mixing of stubble and other crop residues in working depts from 4-12 cm. With around 1 tonne per m working width, you have an effective slicing action combined with a very efficient consolidating press for secondary cultivations. Due to this high own weight, the Disc-Roller is perfect for preparation of plowed land before sowing. On all trailed models a Spring-Board leveling bar is available as extra equipment ensuring a good leveling effect.
The unique HE-VA 510 mm Sabre-Disc ensures an effective cutting action and maximum movement as well as the mixing of soil - even at shallow working depths.

Disc-Roller comes with three roller types:

The 600 mm large V-Profile roller with high own weight ensures that the unit is perfect for stubble preparation, seedbed preparations, and land packing after plowing. With adjustable scrapers, the roller is kept clean and it can work optimally in all soil conditions.
With the 600 mm T-Profile roller you have a "soil to soil" packing and good for carrying up the machine's weight on light and loose soil.
For the lift mounted models without hydr. folding a 550 mm square tube roller - made of strong sectional tubes - is available. With this square tube roller, an excellent depth control is achieved on loose soil.

HE-VA Disc-Roller can be mounted with HE-VA Multi-Seeder giving the possibility to sow crops/ green manure or the like in connection with the stubble preparation.

If the Disc-Roller is combined with HE-VA Combi-Tiller the soil can be loosened down to 30 cm depth while the Disc-Roller is preparing the surface. The Combi-Tiller is available for 2.5m, 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m 5 m and 6 m Disc-Roller.

SD – Depth Synchronised Disc - Aggressiveness

The work is carried out by 2 rows of  510 mm scalloped discs mounted on maintenance-free disc-hubs. These discs are set at +18º/-18º to the direction of travel. This configuration aggressively cuts all the soil in one pass, mixing and chopping crop residues thoroughly.

The unique DSD technology is in the way that the aggressiveness of the discs changes with the working depth. When the operator needs the machine to work deeper, the tractor hydraulics are used to alter the working depth of the discs. Moreover, for trailed models, the tractor hydraulics are also used for lifting of discs when turning on the headland. This is beneficial in two ways, it transfers more weight to the discs but more importantly changes the angle of the disc in its approach to the work producing a more aggressive action which effectively pulls the discs into the soil.

Edge Equipment

As standard all models are equipped with eradicator disc, which is height adjustable via the spindle, ensuring that the Disc-Roller leaves a totally plane soil surface between each pass in the field.

Drawbar height is hydraulically adjusted to suit tractor hitch 3 m, 3.5 m, 4 m, 5 m and 6 m.

Drawbar height is hydraulically adjusted to suit tractor hitch (9 positions) 6.3 and 8 m.