Massey Ferguson 1700 Series Premium

Massey Ferguson is proud to offer teh 1700 Series line of premium compact tractors. What makes these tractors premium is advanced engineering that goes above and beyond. Featuring performance options typical of bigger tractors but with the simplicity and fuel efficiency of a compact, Massey Ferguson 1700 Series Premium compacts are ideal for general maintenance on small mixed and specialty farms, horse farms, hunting properties or
for landscaping and construction. Six models are available, offering from 36.2 to 59.0 engine horsepower.TIER 4 FINAL DIESEL ENGINES
Ranging from 36.2 to 59 gross engine horsepower, these 3- and 4-cylinder diesels are the result of premium technology and manufacturing. Turbocharged and intercooled, they feature high-pressure common rail fuel injection and electronic engine management. To meet Tier 4 Final clean air emissions requirements, these engines incorporate a diesel particulate filter that is automated for easy maintenance and operation.
An optional, field-installed 2,000-RPM mid PTO is also available on all models except the 1759, for driving mid-mowers, front brooms and snow blowers. Featuring hand lever gear selection, it’s engaged by means of the rear PTO button.
Like the 1700E Series, these 1700 Series Premium compacts offer you two ways to go with a mechanical or hydrostatic transmission. You can also choose from a power shuttle or an advanced, electronically controlled Servo-HST hydrostatic transmission.
If you prefer the traditional feel of a mechanical transmission, this one is great for loader work, mowing and hauling. It offers four synchronized gears and three non-synchronized ranges, controlled by two easy-to-reach shift levers to the left of the operator’s seat. An electronic power shuttle lever is conveniently located on the left side of the steering wheel to seamlessly shuttle from forward to reverse without the use of the clutch pedal. Operation is simple—and ideal for loader work.
For ultimate simplicity and control, this Servo-HST transmission allows for infinite speeds, without shifting gears. Just press the pedal and go, with absolute precision and efficiency. Ranges are managed by a handy left-side, in-line lever. Enhanced capabilities include push-button cruise control, autothrottle, a stall guard function and adjustments to set your maximum ground speed, as well as your acceleration/deceleration rate.
All Massey Ferguson 1700 Series Premium compacts boast a 540 RPM independent rear PTO that’s engaged electro-hydraulically by a simple twist knob on the front dash. Features include a wet clutch for durability and a modulation button for slow, smooth start-up to prevent shock load damage.

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Models: 1736  1742   1749   1754   1758   1759