New Massey Ferguson Tractors

June 22, 2016

Sub-Compact Tractors

Compact Tractors

  • Massey Ferguson 1700 Series Premium

    Massey Ferguson is proud to offer teh 1700 Series line of premium compact tractors. These tractors have all the tools necessary to get the job done on any farm or job site. Six models are available, offering from 36.2 to 59.0 engine horsepower.

  • Massey Ferguson 1700 Series Economy

    The 1700E Series line of economy compact tractors is designed wth simplicity ander performance in mind. All tractors feature powerful, clean-burning diesel engines, 4wd capability, and a choice of mechanical gear or hydrostatic transmission.

Utility Tractors

  • Massey Ferguson 2700 Series Economy

    The all new 2700E Series Tractor has all the practical features of our compact tractors with the functionality of a utility tractor with horsepower ranges of 49 to 57.

  • Massey Ferguson 2600 Series

    Whether you’re mowing, loading, landscaping or feeding livestock, the Massey Ferguson 2600 Series utility tractors let you enjoy your chores and gives you more time to relax when the work’s all done.

  • Massey Ferguson 4700 Series

    Utility goes heavy-duty in the new 4700 Series. These tractors are built extra tough to handle bigger jobs with added stability and comfort. The last thing you need is a feeble tractor that shies away from the really tough jobs.

Mid-Range Tractors

  • Massey Ferguson 5700 Series

    The new 5700 Series from Massey Ferguson® has been tested in many of the toughest environments around the world. And these tractors are uniquely designed for more power to pull heavier implements, while still being nimble enough to maneuver almost anywhere. You get the versatility and ease-of-use you need to feel right at home during a long day’s work

  • Massey Ferguson 5700 S Series

    The Ultimate Workhorse. The 5700S Series from Massey Ferguson. Introducing our most advanced mid-range tractor ever. This premium workhorse gives you the unmatched visibility, unparalleled versatility and high performance you’re looking for, all in a smaller 110-130 HP package. You can find a bigger tractor. But it would be tough to fine a better one.

  • Massey Ferguson 6700 Series

    Your work is demanding. Our tractors respect that. The 6700 Series is uniquely designed to maximize performance, while providing excellent all-around maneuverability and visibility. These heavy-duty tractors can pull larger, heavier implements and handle even the most demanding applications

  • Massery Ferguson 6700 S Series

    The new 6700S Series from Massey Ferguson® Purpose-built to be our premium mid-range tractor, the 6700S Series gives you the four-wheel power and performance you need, the comfort and easy operation you want, and the versatility to get the job done. Whatever the job may be.

High Horsepower Row Crop Tractors

  • Massey Ferguson 7700 Series

    The Massey Ferguson® 7700 Series is designed to deliver whatever your farm demands. PTO horsepower ranging from 145 to 200.

  • Massey Ferguson 8700 Series

    The all new Massey Ferguson® 8700 Series tractors are the most advanced row crop tractors in existence, offering unprecedented engine and transmission technology that virtually reads your mind. PTO horsepower ranging from 205 to 290.